The 2022 r/place Catalog

This is a project to collect all canvas variations of Reddit's r/place April Fools event in 2022. These canvases are collected from various sources, primarily Reddit sources.

This project is a fork/derivation of The 2022 r/place Atlas, which I contribute in part of. The codebase have been heavily modified and simplified for the use of this project. Source code are available with the AGPL-3.0 license.

Credit to the contributors of the Atlas for the original project, and for each of the authors of the variations (specific credits are available on the information tab).


This project is open source. You may contribute to the project by submitting a pull request. You can also create a issue in the issues tab

If your canvas variation is missing on this project, you may create an issue which I will respond if available.

Contributions of the codebase are also available on The r/place 2022 Atlas the repository, as well as atlas entries. Read more.


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