A Pledge of Content Preservation

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This article has been published on https://gist.github.com/Hans5958/3add4c985ba8b5c95a23e585b7cc7c69, which has been reposted and updated in this blog.

There are many instances where an entity (including, but not limited to, general people, content creators, institutions, businesses, organizations) retracts their content from public view. This has been seen in various cases, and it is not rare to those who are disappointed condemns such action, myself included.

With that, I pledge the following.

  1. To preserve and not remove my public content.

    I won’t remove content that I have shared for inadequate reasons for the public, and will try to keep its existence on the public with my best. This includes republishing if it is necessary for preservation.

    Exception to it are as follows, but not limited to:

    • Private content that I either intentionally or accidentally share.
    • Content which has been called for removal due to legal issues. (e.g. DMCA requests)
    • External pressure which may give danger to myself.
  2. To be transparent of any necessary removals or related actions.

    At the time that removals or related actions are necessary, I will give necessary information in the public space, including reasoning and next actions, if possible.

I will try my best on doing it, for the good of all. In no way this is a guarantee, so if at a later time I have to breach this pledge, I apologize.

This pledge may change without notice.

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