Hans5958 (that's me!)

Hi there! Welcome to the website, dear stranger.

Hello, I'm Hans5958. I'm a guy who has a passion in tech and computers in general.

As your usual internet citizen, I surf the internet for mostly fun, but often I learn new things, and occasionally make things that people might find it usual, such as articles, videos, and even scripts and programs.

I can call myself proficient in front-end stuff. That is with HTML5, JS, and CSS, but I will keep learning new stuff on the road. Currently, I'm learning how to do Python, and probably some deeper front-end stuff, and maybe, in the future, go into the world of Windows software development and back-end stuff.

I don't have a certain large project that is in focus. I only do small projects here and there. But, hey, it's "honest work". If you ask about something that I can proud of, go check my Mini HTMLs.

Outside programming, I also like to write things about anything that I interest, from translation, collecting text, editing Wikipedia articles, or just writing normal articles. You can search through my repos for that, or go to my blog.

I also like to chat with my friends, try to be the best on my school, and having a great time with my family, if you ask.

You may contact me through email or through one of my social media accounts.

You want other stuff than tech? Go check out my YouTube channel, my Twitter account, and my blog. I also publish some random texts on my Gists.