Hans5958's Website

Hans5958's Website

Hans5958's Website

Welcome to my website, stranger!

I'm Hans5958. I'm a student who likes tech. I like to learn new things, mostly software and web development.

Right now, I'm learning with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I'm also going to learn Python.

I'm active on the internet, most of the times on Discord. You can meet me there.

There are lots of things that I might do on my daily life, such as...

  • Doing some web development and programming.
  • Editing wiki pages in Wikipedia and others.
  • Building stuff in Minecraft. (mine diamonds!)
  • Learning JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and some other languages.
  • Chatting with friends. (no, not facebook)
  • Doing school and other IRL things.

If you want to contact me, you can find few of my social media accounts in this page.

You can browse my blog if you want, just incase you need something to read. Just click here.