How I accidentally become famous on a Minecraft server

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Hello everyone. It’s been a while since my last post. Let me tell you my story of how I accidentally become famous on a Minecraft server.

I was famous on a cracked server called Cosmic Craft, more exact, it’s creative part. It was a free server that still gets 5000 players daily, most of them are from South East Asia, more precisely, from the Philippines. On that day, I don’t have a premium and I bought a donator rank on there for $3.50.

One day, I saw an item that has a lot of enchantments. It was a famous item at the time. It was special that nobody can create such one. Wurst, a hacking client for Minecraft, is also famous because you could rename items with a colored name.

After that, I discovered a command on Wurst that could replicate the command “/give” in creative, even you don’t have access on that command. I tried to play with it to create items with enchantments and such, and it works. So, I put my item on my plot, advertised it, and everybody went on it. Everybody also asked me how do I do it, so I created a guidebook about it.

After that, I thought myself to make a museum of my items that I created, and then I decided to make a gallery, where I put all my items on there. After that, my popularity rose, a lot of players know me and even some of them donated in-game money, the donations are so much that I got the Balance Top. So, that’s it.

That’s how I got famous on a Minecraft server. Maybe next time I will write something other than this.

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