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Ah, Minecraft. Where all kids do unleash their creativity in a shape of pixelated blocks. Well, I played it too, even I’m not a child anymore. I do building sometimes, mainly redstone because I don’t have a talent for building such a large structure. Other times, I play on some online servers, mainly Hypixel or HiveMC. I prefer the ones that don’t involve PvP because I can’t fight and my internet is bad (how sad, isn’t it?). Sometimes I go to some website for a new server to discover, but I mainly stick to that servers.

So, in this post, I want to talk about it, I don’t know if somebody would read this long page of my post, but, well. Who cares? Let’s get started.


So, as I explained there, Minecraft is a game where you can put blocks to build something, or even survive in a virtual world. We kill animals for food, we chop woods for tools, we build for our houses, or even switch to creative to build a castle or even a replica of something big.

We have seen a lot of people played the Minecraft. Time goes by, Mojang bought by Microsoft, Notch quit the developer team, Minecraft has a sale over 100 million. That’s a lot, isn’t it? With more kids bought the game, and YouTube, this thing is growing so fast, right?

Not only the sales but also the inside is growing. Just look at Google, you could see lots of user-generated contents. From the servers, maps, skins, or even mods. I bet we have seen that things (or the word Minecraft) once in our lives, from YouTube to just a news source.

As long as a thing growing, problems would happen from time to time, from the players and from the game itself. The players, well, some of them suck, and some of them aren’t. The game problems come from bugs and some disappointing updates. I will primarily talk about the players later. Later then, we got the good things, like buildings that got into the news, famous YouTubers, world records, or other things that I couldn’t list.

All of this made Minecraft a thing that what it is. It has a good side and also a bad side. Depending on which you looking, this is might be bad or good. Now, let’s talk about the bad things.

The Negative Side of Minecraft

Okay, we got a rundown of this thing that we could discuss here.

First, let’s talk about YouTubers, just it’s negative side. Fine, fine, some of you think that they are the best and “you discuss it because jealously.” Some of you also tell me that it is just straight-up bad because of the content they uploaded (this is the thing that I thought when I saw Roblox YouTubers). As I said before, it’s how you see them.

Some YouTubers could make good content from Minecraft, like build time-lapses, tutorials, update discussion, etc. But the point is I want to discuss the negative one. I think they are doing lots, lots, of videos. Some of them upload daily, which produce a little “boring” and too “cinematic”. Some of it makes news, other ones make roleplays that are super cringy that is too cringey that not even Discord admins would watch it. Some YouTubers also swore on their gameplay, which, you know, kids.

Speaking of kids, let’s talk about kids. We know kids, they messed with a lot of games. Just look at it. Some of the games are “destroyed” because of the fandom. This is might be an exception for Minecraft, they have the same effect, which is the stereotype. You see, the fandom “destroys” the game by posting such weird fan art (it even could go mature), giving the game a bad reputation. Similar to Minecraft, the players, which most of them are kids, “destroy” the game by, well, their cringe actions or such. Everybody knows about this, I won’t explain much again.

The Positive Side of Minecraft

Okay, we are closing to the end. Let’s talk about this. We can see a lot of players actually do good gameplay (sometimes with cool mods or mod packs). Also, some players could build a large structure with their creativity. Another one is some YouTubers who do tutorials for buildings and redstone. You could easily find them. Who knows.

Another point that you should know is the good community, you could ask them, hang out on the servers or forums, or even play together to build something or be a famous player there. Who knows, again.

So, what’s the deal?

Basically, Minecraft is a good game. Most people doing it for good. Ironically, the negative side is the one that Minecraft is known for. It is a bad stereotype, actually. But, you know, those YouTubers who rant about Minecraft for the view count and made Minecraft even worst. Just so you know, Minecraft is a good game, but you may think it is bad because of your viewpoint.

If you are new on the Minecraft world, just enjoy your life in a single player mode first. Don’t go to the multiplayer world as fast as possible. You may not ready for it. If you are experienced in the singleplayer mode, you will surely have a good experience on the multiplayer, but, be caution, you still make sure that you prepare those players whose screaming that their opponent cheating because they lose or those players who cheat on their fighting session because they want to be famous from their streaks (I’m not talking the ones who good at PvP, but those who cheat). I am serious.

But, I’m pretty sure, those who are experienced on Minecraft should see Minecraft as a something that is useful than those guys who thinks the game is a piece of junk (because of the community).

So, that’s all for this article. This is a result of a freewriting that I do. I just express what do I like. If you want this thing to appear, make sure to let me know.

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