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Few years ago, I copied my osu! website from Google Pages to my website on GitHub in such unprocessed form. With the website rewrite using Astro, I have decided to also do a makeover of this page.

While doing that, the website (now page) is so outdated, that I had a feeling to write this blog post as a supplement of it. I want to keep the authenticity of the page as it is a trace of my past, so the makeover does not include every correction, which is mentioned here instead. It is also a chance for me to reflect on the past of me.

Most of the time I refer to the contents of the older version, so if you want to check that, it is on my old website. Otherwise, the new version is now up here.

General information

Skins: Redd Glass HD, Taiko HD, NeOsu5, IOS5, Android 5, Custom healthbar generator (combined)

I have added the links to the relevant forum posts (except IOS5, which I can’t find). I still have the combined skins on my computer from 2018.

If you want to see the skin in exhibition, I did a video with it playing My Love.

YouTube: youtube.com/Hans5958 (Black MIDIs, osu! videos, and more)

The YouTube channel is still there, albeit it is now focused for higher standards. The second channel, Channel5958, is more active, gameplay wise. If I start doing osu! videos, I would upload it there.

Google+: [redacted]

I have a Google+ account, but unfortunately, I have to hide it for multiple reasons. However, I now have a Twitter account.

Website: hans5958.esy.es

This is my old WordPress website on Hostinger. In there, I wrote some articles (some are which are also published on this blog). Later, I decided to move to InfinityFree and hosted WordPress instance on WordPress.com, but then deprecated in favor of this blog on GitHub.

osu!: osu.ppy.sh/u/Hans5958

It’s still there, sitting nicely, albeit in a new URL (https://osu.ppy.sh/users/6418606). Please do not mind the inactiveness.

Download replays: bit.ly/Hans5958osuReplayDownload

This is hosted in a Dropbox folder, which is now have been deactivated. I may upload this folder on a GitHub repository later, if I found it.

Videos: bit.ly/Hans5958osuGameplayPlaylist

The playlist is still there on my YouTube channel. I also put videos uploaded on my other channel on this one.

My Page Links: Here

This is actually my small index of posts on the osu! forums, which I haven’t migrated it yet, or maybe I don’t want to.


This section has a dynamic signature image (scorecard) from osusig.ppy.sh and a link to ameobea.me. The ameobea.me link is still active, but the dynamic signature image is long gone. Because of that, I replaced it with modern counterparts. After a search I got this one from solstice23 and this one from Lemmmy, and I chose the former.


Oooh, it gets interesting here.

For context, at that time, I got two computers, one is custom Intel Core 2 Duo E4600 PC which is built years ago, and another one is a ASUS Vivobook laptop, which comes with Windows 8 and has a touch screen. The PC is still being used to this day, but I put the laptop aside in favor of my newer Acer laptop. It had a good run, updated to Windows 10, but I have to disconnect the battery due to its age.

Main Computer Gameplay: Using mouse, if spinner, I’ll use keyboard for press it, and the mouse to spin as fast as possible

Here’s a little bit of clarification.

  • For normal hitcircles and sliders, I use the mouse. I was good at them.
  • For spinners, I use the keyboard to tap it so I can spin it with the mouse fast.

Nowadays, with my new Acer laptop, I use the keyboard-mouse combination.

My ASUS Laptop Gameplay: Using touchscreen :D

Haha. I had a good run using the touch screen. Shame that they have to nerf the score with that puny modifier.

Also, the touch screen is now broken. It is glitching; doing random inputs. I have to disable it using the device manager.

Favorite mods: Hidden, HardRock, DoubleTime, SuddenDeath

  • Hidden is my most favorite modifier, and I still use it whenever I can.
  • Hard Rock is my favorite since tapping shouldn’t be an issue on a touch screen.
  • Double Time: I like speed.
  • Sudden Death: Well, I like being a perfectionist. I also described it as “I want FC and (sometimes) 100% accuracy”

Favorite mods combination: …

Why do I have this section…

Other places for online: CS2D and Scratch

CS2D: Ah, CS2D. One of my favorite childhood games. I still have a copy of the game files with tons of maps and configs on it ready to play. Sad and it is still dead. I even still remember when it is called “Counter-Strike 2D”, but it had to be deprecated for copyright issues, since they want to put it on Steam.

Scratch: Oh boy, we got a long story here! It is one of my first impressions on programming, and it is still a good choice for people who want to learn coding. You can check my Scratch profile, which is still up, albeit inactive.

A little bit of a plug: Scratch Addons is a project that our team have been worked on. I have an experience developing useful userscripts on Scratch, along with some others, only to be “banned” to ensure child safety, which I understand. We then got along to develop our extension that collect these improvements into one source.


I will skip a little bit on those that I have explained.

osu!record (Darkimmortal) (for uploading osu! replays/videos)

osu!record is an online service to generate videos of your osu! replays. I had to do this because recording those on my laptop is quite heavy. Too bad it is down.

After that, I found another one that does this same job, osu!replayViewer. I used it for the two videos with the hash/random name on it. Surprise, surprise, it is also abandoned.

With my new Acer laptop, recording such replays shouldn’t be a huge task, if I wanted to do it.

(ID)Hostinger (for main website hosting)

Hostinger (also IDHostinger last time in Indonesia) is a web hosting provider, which I have abandoned. I have to say that it is a little bit shady. Probably it’s just a vibe on the page deisgn.

The current website now looks so sleek, it is quite overrated, in my opinion.

osu.ppy.sh (Dean “peppy” Herbert) (for the game and the scorecard)

I should thank Dean Herbert for initiate the osu! project. But, as a open source project, I should also thank the code contributors who made the game possible,and also other members of community who made osu! and its community thriving to this date.

About the scorecard (aka the stats image), it is not made by Dean Herbet. Even though it is on the ppy.sh domain, it is made by someone with the name of XPJ38. So, I apologize, and here’s a due thanks from me to you.

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