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Black MIDI Meta Docs

Repository of Black MIDI Meta texts and stuffs.

Welcome to the docs. In this repository, I post some meta stuff, such as Discord servers, links, archives, etc.

The docs and the repository is still work-in-progress. You can contribute if you want to.

Black MIDI Meta

Black MIDI Meta is a repository for Black MIDI meta stuff.

The main repository is on (short link). Other files that took quite a space is located on the No History repository.

Black MIDI Meta Docs

Black MIDI Meta Docs is a documentation for Black MIDI meta texts, such as lists and theories.

You can read the docs on (short link).

Domino English Translation

Domino is MIDI editor that is used for creating MIDI songs/musics. Domino is used by various blackers in the Black MIDI ecosystem.

Since Domino is an abandonware, and it's original language is Japanese, many people tried to translate it using resource editing tools. Some of it are outdated, while others are incomplete.

This repository is made to unify the translations made by community, while trying to complete it for easier usage.

You can visit the repository on You can download the latest release here.

List of Largest MIDIs

This is a list for the large MIDI songs that the community has ever made.

This list was actually long abandoned by wiki contributors, so there are lots of MIDIs that's not on the list. Because of that, I try to maintain it as long as I can. The list has developed from as small as 124 songs to as big as over 300 songs.

The update is monthly and you can submit MIDIs by contacting me in any way you can, such as Discord or the wiki page.

You can read more info in here. Otherwise, you can visit the Google Drive spreadsheet in (direct link) or check the list on the wiki page here.

Black MIDI Software Archive

Black MIDI Software Archive is an archive of softwares that is used on the Black MIDI community and hosted in Google Drive. It consist of more than 30 softwares from various developers. Each softwares consist public versions and test versions that are public.

You can visit the archive in (direct link).


See Credits and Sources.


When contributing, it is best to discuss it first via an issue, e-mail, or other methods of contact. Please note that we have a code of conduct that you should follow in any interactions.

You can contribute by following these steps.

  1. Fork the master repository.
    You can do this by visit the repository and click the "Fork" button.

  2. Do the edits on the forked repository.
    After you forked the repository, you can edit whatever you want.

  3. Create a pull request.
    After that, you can create a pull request by clicking the "New pull request" button. Follow the steps and we will review it.


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