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  1. Most tags are not made by the contributors of this page, so they are in no way related to the contributors' opinion.

  2. Most tags are satire/sarcasm, please don't take it seriously. You have been warned.



​I got a gun loading click no girls, girls gotta die gunshots mix with drums

wake up with no hhhuuueɘυυυʜʜʜ Julioioioio̸͔͛h̴͇̀h̶̰͑h̸̖̆h̷̢̎h̴̼̅ḩ̷̏

I can I can’t baby jeans. You and your pe nis inpoopments /̸́͛/̶̌͗/̵̈̕/̷̈́̐/̶̏͆/̷͊͂/̷̀͌ ̶

J̶J̶J̶U̶U̶U̶U̶U̶U̶U̶U̶U̶И̶И̶И̶И̶И̶И̶И̶И̶И̶ ̶H̶H̶H̶H̶H̶ ̶j̶u̶s̶h̶j̶u̶s̶h̶ ʳʳʳʳʳˡˡˡˡˡˡˡ ᴮʷᶦᵖ ɢᴜᴜᴜ J U M P in the CAAC , gᵤᵤ


​᠎Tag stolen by Gingy c:


"You can shove your Canadian politeness up your ass, I won't accept insults from anyone in this fucking house!" - Sir Spork, BMT House 2, Episode 4


​᠎Carlos can do anything. He is the embodiment of CPU. When Carlos was born, his birth was conducted under an erupting volcano. That's right - he was in the magma itself, taking in all of the thermal energy within it. As a result, Carlos was born with sheer intellect, extreme strength and speed, extreme intuition, and extreme climaxes. Even though he may seem like an ordinary cis Spanish male, he actually possesses the ability to do anything he wants to. One time he overclocked an i7 CPU to 8.9. 8.9 what? We may never know. All that we will know is that Carlos has the ability to do anything he wants. One time he fingered a girl while playing the piano. Right as she climaxed, Carlos finished another remix of Flight of the Bumblebee. How do you remix a song 213 times? I don't know either. All that we know is that Carlos has ability. Want to overclock the Twin Towers? You would get in trouble, but Carlos can do it. You want to find out why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch? Carlos can do it.

Can you do it?

Carlos can do it better.

Stay down, peasant.


​᠎I would tell you to go fuck yourself, but I will just remind you that you will never be Carlos. That's an even bigger insult. Carlos has done more in one second than you have in the pathetic lapse of time known as your meagre life. Carlos will be there wherever he wants. You want Carlos to kill Donald Trump? Go ahead, he'll be back shorter than it takes you to masturbate with your shriveled-up, limp dick tied to a popsicle stick. You want Carlos to kill Hillary Clinton? Done. It's so simple to understand how many levels Carlos is above you.

You'd think that a good insult would be 'You're a scrub,' but what if I told you this: you're just a human being compared to Carlos. Don't mention me on your suicide note, you fucking pansy. Carlos is the embodiment of action. Once, Carlos walked up to a brown cow and told it to make chocolate milk. He came out with a few bags of that shit, and some shit.

Carlos once overcocked a girl. Now she is known as Caitlyn Jenner.

Carlos hits the sack and then goes to bed.

You want Carlos to eat pineapple pizza?

Sorry, that is the one thing he can't do.

Stay down, peasant.





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​᠎'stop spamming t'




​᠎choy :(




​᠎this is what you drink if you want to become 6'9' tall


Your new computer costs ${range:10|2000}.
RAM: {range:1|128}{choose:MB|GB}
{choose:HDD|SSD}: {range:1|256}{choose:GB|TB}
GPU:{choose:NVIDIA GTX|AMD R{range:1|9}} {range:1|1080}
Monitor: {range:1000|2560}x{range:1000|2560} on a {range:1|30} inch monitor, {range:24|200}Hz.
CPU: {choose:Intel {choose:i3|i5|i7}-{range:100|9999}{choose:K|X||}|AMD {choose:FX|A{choose:4|6|8|10|12}} {range:1000|9999}} @​ {range:0|5}.{range:0|99}GHz




​Lebron begins this line by reminding the listener that he has only one question to ask this gathering of people. This suggests that Sprite Cranberry is the keystone of a successful social gathering. He emphasizes that he has just one

Before he came along, the party was thirsty and hot, whereas after he introduced Sprite Cranberry the room’s color changed and everyone perked up. from this detail, the ad is exploring how the addition of Sprite Cranberry can dramatically change social gatherings for the better.

A query is another name for a question, usually in reference to a digital search engine or database. Since in the ad Lebron is seen asking the entire family (a large number of people) at this gathering is they would like to consume this particular flavor of sprite, the word choice of query would grammatically make more sense as a query is typically reserved for gathering the collective opinion or knowledge of a larger dataset. This dataset could be aggregated from the data presented by millions of websites and documents available through the internet, yes, but in a more general sense, it can be any question or inquiry presented to an organization or people. The Christmas party shown in the ad clearly depicts a wide demographic of people, from the tech-savvy young fellow with a remote-controlled quadcopter to the older lady with tie-on sunglasses. This party could certainly be described as an “organization”. The fact that it appears to be African-American-Majority shows a calculatable amount of bias, suggesting that the question of whether or not the average group of people would like to consume a Sprite Cranberry might only be unanimous in more African-American communities.



​so we back in the mine (to be continued in next tag)


​RIP @​Carlos S. M.#7287 LONG LIVE CSM


​"Im only sexually attracted to anthro huskies, wolves, and jackals. and in that order"


​👌 🤤
🍆 💤 👔 🍆
🛢 👃
⚡ 8==👊D 💦
🎺 🍆 💦
i want to die(edited)