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  1. Most tags are not made by the contributors of this page, so they are in no way related to the contributors' opinion.

  2. Most tags are satire/sarcasm, please don't take it seriously. You have been warned.




​decimation mode


​᠎The only good practice of sex. Humans are nasty and most of them have been fucked several different times by multiple people. So why not have sex with a fresh animal pussy. The number one animal to have sex with is a horse. Not only because their pussy tightens as you fuck them, but because they have the most delicious scat and piss. Who cares about STDs and morals. If you wanna have sex, have fun and do it right. By having sex with something other than a human


​Apple more better than bad apple betelgeuse mode


᠎Passmark Multicore Score: {range:0|30000} Passmark Singlecore Score: {range:0|3500}
Passmark GPU Score: {range:0|20000}
Userbenchmark Gaming Score: {range:0|100}% Userbenchmark Desktop Score: {range:0|100}% Userbenchmark Workstation Score: {range:0|100}%




​​᠎'I'll have two number nines, a number nine large, a number seven with extra dip, a number 6, two number fourty-fives, one with cheese, and a large soda.'




So, you want to black {args}?

Well here are some tips for your blacking experience.

  1. Transcribe the melody of {args} as accurate as possible! You need to have the base MIDI before you start blacking.

  2. Add phrasings, funnels, lines, or anything that can enhance the audio of {args}. Try to avoid full velocity spam and ultra-strummed melody as much as possible as it can ruin the experience.

  3. (Optional) Add MIDI Arts that YOU MADE in appropriate parts of your {args} black MIDI. Place crash points where they should go. Also, try to make your MIDI Art as diverse as possible. Repetitive MIDI Arts may ruin the experience.

These are just a few tips in blacking {args}, but there are other blacking techniques that you can use.

As much as possible, make your black MIDI sound close to {args}. Try to retain as much melody from the song as you can.

Hope you enjoy blacking {args}!


Raw Tag "blackMIDI" ᠎So, you want advice for your black MIDI? Hmm. You seem too pussy to even tell me what MIDI you're blacking. Here's a suggestion: you should black {choose:Glorious|Magnificent|Undignified|Stupid|Infinite|Innovating|Destructive|Retorting|Idiotic|Repetitive|Repetitive|Innvervating|Cleaving|Scheming|Cocksucking} {choose:Bell|Dildo|Destroyer|Licker|ScubDomino|Bowl|Inchling|Needle|Patchouli|Boy|Girl|Man|Woman|Male|Female} of the {choose:Glorious|Magnificent|Undignified|Stupid|Infinite|Innovating|Destructive|Retorting|Idiotic|Repetitive|Repetitive|Innvervating|Cleaving|Scheming|Cocksucking} {choose:Bell|Dildo|Destroyer|Licker|ScubDomino|Bowl|Inchling|Needle|Patchouli|Boy|Girl|Man|Woman|Male|Female}.

The first part of the song needs to be {choose:as sloppy as possible|as calm as possible|slightly spammy} - add a lot of {choose:silent|loud} notes!

The middle part of the song needs to be {choose:as sloppy as possible|as calm as possible|slightly spammy} - add a lot of {choose:silent|loud} notes!

The last part of the song needs to be {choose:as sloppy as possible|as calm as possible|slightly spammy} - add a lot of {choose:silent|loud} notes!


omg scub is an abmt ban him :oooooooooooooooooooooooo



​᠎An der Burg 7
04537 Peege

Ref. Nr.: 69/240
360 CPU abuse avenue
BMC street
CM2 7-zipB
United states of great again america

Application for BMT membership

Dear Mr Gingy,

I am writing to apply for a BMT membership. I will be finishing school in July 2018 with A-levels in Maths, English and computer sciences. As i have always had a particular interest in computers and music, i would like to get a deeper insight into work in this field before i start my university in computer sciences at the university of Leipzig in October 2018. As your wiki specifies short-term memberships are possible. I would be delighted to be given a chance to become a BMT member.

I enclose copy of my CV, which shows that i have some experience with computers, programmin, being a general computer nerd and maybe even music. I have also had the opportunity to take part in several music classes. As i speak English and German, i should be able to deal with international members.

I would welcome the opportunity of enhancing my experience. As i am reliable, willing to learn and enthusiastic, I would certainly be a helpful addition to the BMT.

Thank you for considering my application for the BMT. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Luca Noah Horn aka. TheGhastModding


don't come back