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  • Piano From Above - ⭐ Mostly used MIDI player on the community.
  • Zenith - ⭐ MIDI renderer, made with C#, alternative to UMP.
  • Kiva - ⭐ MIDI player, alternative to PFA. (Replaced by Wasabi)
  • Wasabi - ⭐ MIDI player, alternative to PFA, while focusing on performance. Compilation required.
  • Synthesia - Mainstream piano roll software/MIDI player, often used by YouTube creators. Paid.
  • Synthesia (9.0) - Latest free version of Synthesia.
  • Ultralight MIDI Player - Alternative to PFA, made with Java. Can be used for rendering MIDI files.
  • Chikara - MIDI player. Replaced by Wasabi.
  • mmidi - Lightweight console MIDI player.
  • Toms's MIDI Player - Lightweight MIDI player.
  • vanBasco's Karaoke Player - Basic MIDI player.
  • PianoFall - Physics-based MIDI player.
  • MIDITrail - 3D MIDI player.
  • Embers - MIDI player from Unreal Engine. Alternative to Synthesia but looks professional. Freemium.
  • ConMIDI - Lightweight console MIDI player.
  • BASSMIDI Tester - Old MIDI player based on BASSMIDI.



  • OmniMIDI - ⭐ Optimized for playing Black MIDI. Also works for general players.
  • XSynth - ⭐ Rust-based synthesizer made from the ground up for Black MIDI playback. Supports KDMAPI and built into Wasabi.
  • VirtualMIDISynth - Was most used before OmniMIDI used, good alternative.
  • BASSMIDI Player - Very old driver on which OmniMIDI is based. Also very slow.


MIDI and Audio Editors

Video Editors


MIDI Files

  • #midis on BMC - MIDI songs and files are shared on this channel.
  • MIDIs on Publico (Carlos S. M.) - MIDI songs and files by Carlos S. M. are uploaded on this folder, as well as a large selection of MIDIs made by others.

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