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List of Largest MIDIs

This is a spreadsheet for the large MIDI songs that the community has ever made.

This list is based on the wiki page, and was actually long abandoned by wiki contributors, so there are lots of MIDIs that's not on the list. Because of that, I try to maintain it as long as I can. The list has developed from as small as 124 songs to as big as over 300 songs.

Note that the list has been abandoned due to of loss of interest by me. The list on the wiki is now updated independently, limited to a certain number of entries. Forking the list is appreciated.

You can view the spreadsheet in the frame below or directly in Google Sheets.

You can also visit the playlist containing songs to be added here.


There are a lot of MIDIs that are undocumented, so I tried to put it on the list. The list has developed from 124 songs into more than 200 songs from various blackers and creators.

This spreadsheet is created because of the page protection on the said wiki page. Even if the page is unlocked, MediaWiki tables suck, so I'll just keep it.


The methodology of adding this MIDIs is listed below.

  1. The blackers/creators must be known.
    The methods could be, but not limited to, the MIDI is played by a person with high reputation on Black MIDI (ex. BMT), or it can be found on the first page on the YouTube search.

  2. The blacked songs must have any evidence and it's not fabricated and using the original blacker video if possible.
    One example of fabrication is PipiraMine's video of an April Fools MIDI that is created on Ultralight MIDI Player. Even though it is not real, the note counter is faked. Troll editions are mostly accepted.

  3. The title will be used is the ones that the blacker named.
    This to avoid any confusion by original naming of the song. It might be controversial.

  4. Note counts must be stated, even as an aproximate, and only be listed with a minimum of ten (10) million notes.

  5. Sizes are inserted using maximum of three (3) significant numbers.
    For example, 25,1 MB, 203 MB, 1,64 GB, 56,4 GB, 592 GB, etc. 20 MB, 2 GB, etc is fine.

  6. Revisions/versions/updates are valid if there it is not updated after two months or a major update.

  7. All merges are listed with "[merger] and others".

  8. The song must be in the MIDI (.mid) form.
    No programs, such as 93 trilion MIDI generator. It can be compressed.

Some songs are removed from the list due to the source has lost or just hidden. (look Lost Songs)

Author Aliases

Author Alias(es)
AdrianMR Adrian M. R., Astellar
Aiyui AEIOU and Ilon (ILON)
Charlie Yan Conjac Jelly Charlieyan
CS4W Cristey White, ゆっくりゆーすけ
CyeDa Gen'you Layte, 幻妖hell shipwreck, ver. 1.02 幻妖 phantasm
LucasMIDI Lucas9810
Millenashea Caheret ANONE, ANONE BLACK MIDI, Caheret, Caheret Black MIDI.
MrBurn37000vr Cameron T R
Paku 15000 Elly., Cramel Iffy
PianoEclipse Simba's Piano Eclipse, RainbowDash, [Black Midi] Brazil, [Black Midi] Anime, [Black Midi] Spongebob, SenkoSanMusi, SenkoSanBlackMIDI, Chino Kafuu White, and other aliases
Ryan 0201 umbry, RyanVideoChannel
The Romanticist FalconXL
Trainer Lydia Trainer LOLXD
TrollfacepalmAcer78 Acer
The Romanticist FalconXL
Slawička Yamá YAMAHAPSR 800, Simalatus Estria Songs

Category Explanation

Category Explanation
Standard Normal Black MIDIs, balanced art and audio ratio.
Art Spam Black MIDIs with the art favours than the audio.
Audio Spam Black MIDIs with the audio favours than the art.
Standard Spam Balanced art and audio but blacked too hard.
Merge Black MIDIs that are merged.
Experimental An experimental MIDI with large note counts.
Lag Tester Black MIDIs solely for lag testing.
Medley Normal Black MIDIs with more that one song.

Number Code

  • Touhou Project
    • 1 Bad Apple!! feat. nomico
    • 2 Night of Nights
    • 3 Septette for the Dead Princess
    • 4 Final Savage Sister Flandre S./Last Brutal Sister Flandre Scarlet
    • 5 Shanghai Teahouse
    • 6 Necrofantasia
    • 7 Infinite Being
    • 8 Reach for the Moon ~ Immortal Smoke
    • 9 U.N. Owen Was Her?
  • Undertale
    • 1 Dogsong
  • Vocaloid
    • 1 Two Faced Lovers
    • 2 PoPiPo
    • 3 Antichlorobenze
  • Beatmania
    • 1 Red Zone
    • 2 Evans


Everyone who helped me completing the list are listed on the file.