II.1. Commands - Basics

Commands Description
/balance Checks your in-game money balance.
/pay Transfer/pay a money to your desired player.
Checks the top balance value leaderboards. You can see many players gets so many money.
Clears your inventory. Good for players who want to have a clean inventory every time.
/fly Toggles your fly abilities.
Changes your game mode. You can switch to survival (s/0) or creative (c/1)
/hat Puts any block to your head as a hat.
/ignore Ignores or mutes a player.
This is effective if you want to to deal with spammers or an annoying person.
If you want to unignore someone, use the /ignore command again.
/list List all online players.
You can use "/list Donators" if you want to check online donators, "/list One/Two/Three" if you want to check who's online from a Donator 1, 2, or 3 respectively, "/list Staff" if you want to check whose staff is online.
/me Describes an action that a player does. You can also customize color.
Sends a private message to a desired player.
/near Tells you players nearby. Useful to detect players whose disguised.
Tells you the players real name if they are nicked. Use "/rn ~" to list all nicked players.
/tpa Requests to teleport to desired player.
/tpahere Request a desired player to teleport to you.
Accepts a teleport request.
Declines a teleport request.
/tptoggle Blocks all teleport request.
/vote Gives the CosmicMC's vote links.
/warp Warps to a specific location. (available warps: shop)
Plot command, see section Commands - Plotting.
Opens a tool for creating and customizing armor stands. Great for creating holograms and NPC.
/statue Creates a player statue.
/mbg play Board Games plugin command.
/cointoss CoinToss plugin command.

You can use /nick to set your nickname. It is sold at $5000 on /warp shop. Read the Donator section.

These commands may be useful, or maybe not.

Commands Description
/back Go to the place where you teleported/died.
Checks your ender chest.
/gc Reports memory, uptime, and TPS (tick-per-second)
/home Goes to your home. If this isn't set, you will go to the spawn.
/sethome Sets a home.
/delhome Deletes a home.
/motd Shows message of the day.
/rules Tells you the server rules.
/suicide Kills yourself.
/time Tells the time.