III.7. Voting

If you played on a Minecraft server, you could see that the server asking you to vote for them for rewards. This includes with this server. CosmicMC itself, has is own rewards for each sub-servers.

The per-vote reward of the Creative server is $10.

Here are the milestone rewards if you vote for a certain times (as in /vr milestone):

Votes Rewards
101 Disco Armor
175 Laser
300 Pet Chicken
Pet Bat
450 Pet Cow
Pet Mushroom Cow
600 Pet Ocelot
Pet Wolf
750 Pet Iron Golem
900 Pet Enderman
1000 WorldEdit abilities*
1250 Pet Wither

* Unconfirmed. Not appeared on /vr milestone.

Here are the list of the vote links. You can vote and get rewards by using these links below.