II.4. Commands - Marriage

I don't know you guys, but since everyone wants to marry, I decided to add this to this guide because everyone does it. Okay, so marry is a feature that's added to the server for fun, but some players took it seriously and they "adopt" a child for being a huge family. Please don't do those guys, I'm disappointed. Anyway, let's get to the commands. I don't know if this works or not, so please tell me if the commands don't work.

Command Description
/marry [player] Sends a proposal of marriage to someone. You can accept this by doing /marry accept.
/marry gender Sets your gender. *
/marry gift Gifts/gave an item that you are holding to your partner. *
/marry pvp on/off Enable/disable PVP abilities between you and your partner. *
/marry sethome Sets a home for you and your partner. *
/marry home Teleports you to you and your partner home. *
/marry chat Switches the to the private chat between you and your partner. Do the command again to talk to the global chat again. *
/marry tp Teleports you to your partner. *
/marry heal Send your health to your partner. *
/marry seen Check when your partner last logged in. *
/marry divorce Divorces you from your partner. Keep in mind that you will pay $10 if you do so.

* This may be useful, or maybe not.