II.5. Commands - Donator

These commands are accessible by players who bought the Donator rank. Read the section Donator Ranks for more information.

Command Description
/dc Switches you to the donator chat. Do the command again to talk to the global chat again. (min. Donator 1)
/head Launches a GUI of custom heads. Do /head get [player] to get player heads (min. Donator 1)
/laser Gives a laser gun. (min. Donator 1)
/nick Sets your nickname. (min. Donator 1 or $5000 at /warp shop)
/particles Launches a GUI of particle effects. Choose one of the particle effects and you will have a particle effect. (min. Donator 2)
/spr p Sets your prefix.
/npc Spawn/set NPCs

There is also WorldEdit for Donator 3 (for free, others for $5). Read WorldEdit.