III.6. Plugins

Here are some plugins that are known to be used on the server.

  1. Essentials
    The plugin that every server has. Adds useful commands such as /tpa, /msg, /back, etc.

  2. PlotSquared
    A plugin for the plot system. It's the successor of PlotMe.

  3. WorldEdit
    A plugin to edit your world easily. You have known this already. See WorldEdit

  4. Votifier
    A plugin to listen to votes, so you can get a reward for voting.

  5. NewItems*
    This is a paid plugin. It adds new custom items to the game, like lightsabers, guitars, clocks, etc. The mod also adds corpses for killed people.

  6. Vehicles*
    This is a paid plugin. As you except, it adds vehicles, like cars, bikes, submarines, tanks, planes, helicopter, and even a broom.

  7. CreativeItemControl
    A plugin for blocking spawning specific items and items with NBT data.

  8. Simple Elevators
    A plugin for elevators. One example is on the /spawn, where you can stand on the end stone and either jump to go up a floor or shift to go down a floor.

  9. Lib's Disguise
    This is a paid plugin, or at least the latest version. It's purpose is for mob disguise. You can be a mob with the command /disguise.

  10. Armor Stand Tools
    A plugin to create a custom armor stand. Type "/astools" to use it.

  11. Board Games
    This is a paid plugin. A plugin for mini games.

  12. Pocket Games*
    This is a paid plugin. A plugin also for mini games.

  13. AdvancedEnchantments*
    This is a paid plugin. A plugin for custom enchantments.

  14. Citizens
    A plugin for creating NPCs.

  15. SimplePrefix
    A plugin for prefixes.

  16. StatueCreator
    A plugin for creating player statues. (/statue)

  17. CoinToss
    A plugin for the coin flip/coin toss challenge. (/cointoss)

  18. Vault
    An API for easy hooks for plugins. A dependency plugin.

  19. ProtocolLib
    Library to enables read and write access to Minecraft protocol. A dependency plugin.

* Legacy plugin. The plugins stopped working due to the 1.13 update or removed completely.