III.8. WorldEdit

The WorldEdit Logo.

WorldEdit, the builders best friend. Whenever you either lazy or hate to put thousands of blocks, this tool is perfect.

So, WorldEdit is a world manipulation tool that you could use to build something easier. It's a popular plugin that everybody uses. Most of the creative servers has this plugin, including CosmicMC. Some of them needs the players to vote for a duration of WorldEdit abilities, others needs to pay to use it. It's a must-have plugin, I swear.

In this server, you would be charged $5 per operation. The block limit is 1.000.000 (1 million) blocks. Do not pass this block limit! If you pass it, it fails and you would still get charged!


So let's learn about the basics. To use it, we need to run the command //wand to get a wooden axe. You also could use any wooden axe. The wooden axe will be used to set the region that you want to modify. To set the first position, you left-click a block. To set the second position, you right-click a block. You could also use /pos1 and /pos2 to set the positions.

Let's introduce the commands that you could use for everybody.

  • Use /set [block] to set the selection region into your selected block.
  • Use /replace [block to replace] [new block] to replace a block into a new block.
  • Use /hsphere to make a hollow sphere.
  • Use /sphere to make a filled sphere.
  • Use /hcyl to make a hollow cylinder.
  • Use /cyl to make a filled cylinder.
  • Use /hpyramid to make a hollow pyramid.
  • Use /pyramid to make a filled pyramid.
  • Use /undo to undo a command. (You can't redo!)

Elevated Commands

Here are the list that Donator 3 could use. Keep in mind that this is not the complete list. It would be too long.

Command Description
/copy Copies a region. It's postion will be relative to where you standing and looking.
/paste Pastes a copied region. It's postion will be relative to where you standing and looking.
/walls Sets a wall that's on the side of your region selection.
/redo Redo an undid section.
/ascend Go up/ascend a floor/layer.
/decend Go down/decend a floor/layer.
/ceil Go to the top of the ceiling.
/jumpto Teleport to a location.
/thru Passthrough walls.
/unstuck Unstuck from a wall.
/up Go upwards a distance
//drain Drains a pool.
//ex Extinguish nearby fire.
//fill Fills a hole.
//fillr Fills a hole recursively.
//fixwater Fixes water to be stationary.
//fixlava Fixes lava to be stationary.
//green Greens a region.