Chapter I. Introduction

Okay, where do we start? So, welcome to the CosmicMC's (or Cosmic Craft's) creative server. In here, you would expect some good and bad things. In this server, you may get great buildings across the server. You can also meet a lot of friends! Seriously. Most of them are friendly here. You can also see staff that often online, watching the game, to give you (a little) better experience on this server. You can also meet some players whose name are bolded. These are called Donators.

Donators are a ranked player who wants to contribute more to the server, so they bought the rank (or maybe, donate) to the server. Yes, you can expect a high-quality building that made by them, despite the non-donors are also good on build stuff. Most of them are friendly, but some of them are toxic. These toxic guys are the famous on the whole server, that everyone made of a stereotype because of them. These toxic players are the most annoying person because they have a "bolded" name that made them attention whore and cringe. But don't worry, there are just a few. Like I said, most of them are friendly and you can ask questions if you are curious.

Let's take a little deep about the negative side about this server. As I said, few donators are a toxic being on this server, but there's more. Some of the players may advertise their server wildly on this server. Despite the staff that is often online, you must prepare the incoming advertisements, if you hate them so much. There's also the command /ignore to mute them on your side, I will explain that later. You can also see players using /me abusively (which we will discuss it later), so be prepared. I forgot to tell that this server is supported up to 1.12.2. So, expect long messages that the players will post on this server. I don't say that this server is family-friendly, so expect some bad-words that the players will speak. Some players may also spam their roleplay/shop/buildings/plot on the server.